His decisive will to direct, coordinate and assume all the Quality activities, defined exactly and complete in the Quality Manual for: Deliver sawblades according to the requirements required by our customers, managing to satisfy their needs.

Maintain the activity, increase the customers, optimize the productive capacity, searching for a major working quality and satisfaction of all interested parties.

Consider suppliers of G.L.G. S.L.U., as an expansion of our business, value them, recognize and select them based on their real contribution in achieving Total Quality.

Achieve a professional relationship climate that favours the active participation and communication with the different groups of interest.

Commitment to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:20015.

Maintain an open and receptive attitude to possible improvements and initiatives of the staff, as the most important potential of G.L.G S.L.U..

Commitment to identify and comply the regulatory requirements associated to the activity of manufacturing and commercialization of circular sawblades.

Certificate ISO - GLG tools