Dear customers,

As you all probably must know, there are heavy movements on the Steel Market and other raw materials, as well as transports and energy, with price increase percentages of 2 digits from our suppliers, and also longer delivery terms with big delays .

For this reason, we are forced to apply a second price increase this year that will be valid starting on the 1 st of September.

We do not have room for manoeuvre, as our suppliers apply us this increases within each new delivery that is done, depending on the alloy surcharge.

We are in contact with our suppliers in order to understand the market future evolution, both in prices and deliveries, and most probably during one year the limitations to the Steel will continue, and this may cause new increases.

We will be informing you about any novelty that may occur, and please do not hesitate to contact us for any further aclaration you may need.

Best regards,

Josep García Rovira